August 10, 2022

The RESEARCH – Rare among supplement companies is Look Reviewed Study studies on a certain product. This kind of study is the silver standard which medical medical practioners use, depending on these records (and product) to use and trust. Major drug companies mentor these studies to sell their wares.

The LifeVantage is the sole organization that’s 9 Look Reviewed Park View City of the item Protandim, and we were holding independent study maybe not paid for by the company. A lot more independent studies by universities are in process for Protandim.

The BUSINESS – In this area of examination I relied on more experienced Network Marketing people and an independent company consultant. The IRS has questioned in the past the binary form of multi-level marketing, to be a pyramid-like scheme, more devoted to offering distributorships than actual products. This is a location where every person need to do his or her possess due diligence. ASEA features a binary framework; LifeVantage a uni-level matrix, and MAX GXL framework is not known to me. While I didn’t find out in regards to the proportion payouts of ASEA and MAX GXL, LifeVantage is simply under 60%.

Lastly, recall all of the network marketers have their utmost foot forward, “romancing” their prospective new distributors and customers. Temper their hurry “to the altar” with your personal study, ask the others more experienced for their insight and recall like any long-term relationship – it takes plenty of work. I do believe I chose the best choice in LIfevantage, for its solution is supported by study, a high level clinical experience, and standing and performance.

My study wasn’t great by any means and I only personally tried 2 of the 3 products (ASEA & Protandim). But, by talking with the others more experienced and knowledgeable in equally the business and complex factors, I believed my conclusions gave me a good picture of evaluating “apples with apples” ;.

The PRODUCT – All 3 companies pursue increasing antioxidant activity in the body (quenching free radicals) however employ various means of reaching that goal. Equally LifeVantage/Protandim and MAX GXL, for instance, have tried the raise of Glutathione (a powerful free revolutionary scavenger) related for their respective products. ASEA had study that showed the raise of VO2 Maximum following to using their product.

ASEA’s solution is a fluid (taste like pool water, chlorine smell) in a 32 whiff package charging approximately $40 and a consumer would use 1-4 containers per month on the basis of the seriousness of the health challenge. MAX GXL ran about $70 to $170 per month, again with regards to the intensity of the problem. LifeVantage’s Protandim (30 drugs, 1/day) ran about $48 per month, and that total could possibly be doubled if a person was demanding the body through major workout and/or illness. All figures are approximate and significant investors must do their own due diligence.

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