An artist used a camera to change Assassin’s Creed Odyssey beyond recognition

The author of the YouTube channel Flurdeh was able to transform Assassin’s Creed Odyssey beyond recognition. With the help of isometric camera and some visual effects the author made the game “toy-like”.

The author was able to achieve this effect by using the Shift Lens technique. This allowed to distort the perspective and greatly change the world of the game. The author also sped up the animation and reduced the frame rate.

The author himself has been creating similar videos for famous games for a long time. You can find the similar videos to BioShock Infinite and Dark Souls 3 games on his channel.

What do you think about Flurdeh’s work? Would you recognize a famous game just from the video? Or did the author manage to change the game’s appearance completely? Write your answer in comments to this news.

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