Names Of Play Types With Cash4 Lottery

Cash4 lottery uses its own names of play types,Names Of Play Types With Cash4 Lottery Articles however, other 4-digit games also use play types under different names too. To begin with, the former type of lottery game is famous in the state of Georgia where the combination of both huge jackpot and fast winning prizes has made it a very exciting place for live draw sgp players.

The names of play types used for this particular lottery game is unique mainly to the residents of the Georgia State. Whereas the name is completely diversified, the game rules are almost all the same. A 4-digit lottery game is played by choosing four digits as bets for a winning combination. Although played at $1 per draw, winners can bag a prize of up to $5,000.

to get the play type options when placing a bet, players need to know first how to use a lottery payslip to avoid any inaccuracies.

  1. Locate on the payslip the part that says DRAWS. Under this would be selections labeled MID for mid day, EVE for evening, and BOTH for both mid day and evening. Choose the time of day for when you would like to place your bets.
  2. The are marked DAYS determines the number of draw days a player would want to apply his bets. By checking boxes labeled 2 through 7, the number combinations will apply to those draw days.
  3. A player has the option to select up to 5 4-digit numbers to fill in A-E play areas or he could also choose to have the computer randomly select numbers for him by marking the “Quick Pick” box.
  4. The play types are the orders to which the 4-digit number are matched. These are labeled exact order, any order, exact or any order, combination. A player can bet $1 or $.50 on any play type.
  5. For any mistakes made while filling out the payslip, players are requested to put a mark on the “VOID” box instead of erasing.
  6. Submit the finished payslip to the store clerk in exchange for a printed ticket. This will serve as a valid receipt when a player claims his prize. Before leaving the lottery branch, every player must thoroughly check the inputs in his printed ticket. Any mistake can cause the receipt to be void. If an error is spotted, players must request to have another copy printed with the correct inputs.

Play Types Defined

Exact Order

An exact order in a cash4 lottery is a set of four digit numbers matched to the winning numbers in exactly the same order it was drawn. This type of order is also known in other 4-digit lottery games as straight or exact match.

Any Order

If a four digit number is matched with winning numbers in any order it was drawn, that play type is called Any Order. It is also called as Box in other 4-digit games.

Exact or Any Order

This type of order is actually played half and half. The $1 payment is split making it $.50 for exact and $.50 for any. This play type is also called Straight/Box and Two-Way Bet with other 4-digit lottery games.


This play type can be a bit expensive considering a player will have to pay for every possible combination for his four-digit number. However, if no play type is specified, the numbers will be played in the exact order. This cash4 play type is also known as Combo. Wheel Bet, Wheel Play, and Super Straight.

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