Top Weight Loss Supplements

Do an internet search for top treningi na siłownie supplements or products and you can end up with more than ten million hits,Guest Posting depending on the search engine you use!!  Those kinds of results are a bit mind-boggling and beg the question…”just what can I really believe??”


One large segment of products viewed as top weight loss supplements achieve “weight loss” via some type of detoxifying program.  While a good detox of your body’s systems is in fact a good thing, it hardly qualifies as a weight loss program.


Yes, you will lose weight – at least temporarily.  But usually within a week or two, you are back to where you started from, because you didn’t actually lose fat – just body waste and water, both of which return when you start eating again.


Then there are the supplements that are essentially diuretics.  You lose weight because fluid is being pulled from your body.  For people who have genuine fluid-retention issues, a diuretic can be very helpful in reducing swollen extremities.


But again, using a diuretic product to remove water from the body for weight-loss is a losing battle – and not particularly healthy.  The body needs water to function properly.  We are, after all, mostly water to begin with!  So once you stop the diuretic-based product and begin taking in fluids like you should, the “weight loss” disappears – along with the money you spent.


Quite a few top weight loss supplements on the market are promoted as fat-burners and contain stimulants.  Some of the more actively advertised are products containing ephedra, hoodia, ma huang, or phentermine.  Once again, these will probably work.  You will lose weight.  You may also find yourself losing sleep and feeling hyper-active.


And, at least for a while, that may not be a problem.  You may even enjoy being in overdrive…cleaning house at 3AM…being a whirlwind of energy and activity.  But your body cannot sustain this level of artificial stimulation and remain healthy.


Humans are NOT Hummingbirds – our metabolism was not created to constantly be in hyper-drive.  Quite simply, it will fail.  Therefore, at some point, you must come off the stimulant/supplement.  And then, inevitably, the weight will return, and all too often, with even more than you originally lost.


Then there are the fat-blocking products.  In our opinion, of all the top weight loss supplements currently available, fat-blocking supplements can be the most effective and safest way to augment weight loss.  Essentially, they work by keeping the fat molecules in food from being digested and absorbed into the body.


To understand these differences, you must first understand how dietary fat is treated in the body.  The pancreas produces an enzyme called lipase which breaks up dietary fat in the intestine so the body can absorb it.  Ingredients like Orlistat prevent lipase from acting on the fat, thereby preventing fat molecules from breaking apart.


This unabsorbed “free” fat is then excreted in the stool.  However, without significant changes in diet and eating habits, the adverse effects of gastrointestinal discomfort, including gas, spotting, and diarrhea can make this type of supplement difficult to stick with.


There has been a lot of press about Orlistat, which is found in the over-the-counter product Alli, and with prescription Xenical.  Does this work?  Apparently so; however, by now most people have heard of some of the more unpleasant gastrointestinal side-effects of Orlistat.


We would suggest you check the Consumer Report website  for an interesting, if unsettling, article.  Then decide for yourself if this is a route you wish to take.  In addition, the FDA has approved Orlistat to treat obesity for no more than two consecutive years.


It is our opinion that this, coupled with the possible side-effects and rather high cost, makes it worth taking a serious second look at Orlistat before considering it for your weight loss program. Another method of blocking fat absorption is by increasing dietary fibers.

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